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Come discover Oppurtunites and Get involved.

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Missions Ministry

The Mission Ministry team implements support of missionary personnel, societies, schools and institutions as formally supported by the church.  Their mandate is to stimulate interest for missionary service and projects. This is done through planned missionary programs to heighten awareness and bring about commitment to support missions and to go as missionaries. The obligation of the Missions Ministry Team is to pray for and promote prayer among the church for the missionaries we support whether career, short-term or summer workers.

For more information, please contact Roger Heady.


The purpose of the evangelism ministry is to bring people into a personal and saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  The ministry does that by coordinating with the pastors and leadership team to plan and implement outreach programs.  Seeks to provide care for all members of the congregation (including inactive members) and non-members. We pursue these ends by engaging with believers to promote growth in faith and numbers following the concept of spiritual multiplication.  The multiplication concept is one in which a believer multiplies themselves by winning, building and sending others.
Periodically, an "evangelism” series of classes is offered, providing believers the tools, practice, and fostering confidence to tell others about Jesus. 
“Successful witness” is simply taking the initiative to share the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.
Our discipleship program within the church fosters spiritual growth seeking guide believers towards maturity in one’s relationship with Jesus, shaping attitudes, focus, and behavior. Going beyond church attendance to actively mentor and disciple others.
For more information, please contact Pastor Paul Kastuk

Women's Ministry

The mission of the Women's Ministry

To honor and glorify God by the teaching of His Word, encouraging women in their daily walk with God in order to make and grow fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What does this mean, you might ask? 

Here at FBC we want to give you the opportunity to find the treasure of the LOVE, GRACE, AND STRENGTH of God. Through Bible classes, in-house conferences and retreats, you can find a refreshing time of renewal and fellowship in women focused activities and events. 

And from this abundance of God’s blessing, we learn to give back to others that helping hand of strength to inspire, uplifting them in their time of need through prayer and friendship.

For more information, please contact Julie Kastuk

Spanish Ministry

We recognize a God-given opportunity to share the gospel with Spanish-speaking attendees of our church and the city of Peekskill. Our local community can be transformed if they know Jesus, just like any other community. This is the mission and focus of the “Spanish Ministry." 

We currently have a Spanish-speaking Sunday school session that meets in class off the "fellowship" hall at 9:30 a.m. We also provide a "live" translation of the main service period, beginning at 10:45 a.m. Spanish speakers can use their own mobile devices to listen to the audio translation.

The "Spanish Ministry" is also directly engaged in our weekly "Food Pantry" and monthly "Fresh Market" events.  Both activities are direct outreach engagements with our community. 

We are praying and seeking God's will and guidance because there is great potential for this ministry to expand and spread God's kingdom, which would bring Him glory.

For more information, please contact Carlos Serrano or Ricardo Vega. 
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Men's Ministry

A collection of ministries seeking to meet the discipleship and fellowship needs of the men. 
Oppurtunites to attend retreats and men's conferences present themselves throughout the year.

Men's Breakfast

  Tuesday mornings at 9:00am provides a time for prayer, Bible Study, fellowship and of course a hardy breakfast.  Open to all men, guests are encouraged.   Our men's breakfasts are attended by men from our church and equally those from outside of our church, all are welcome.  Please come join us.
For more information, please contact Pastor Corby Angle.

 A Conquer Series Ministry
A group addresses a universal issue faced by men.   This group meets weekly. 
For more information, please contact Joe Urbanowicz.     

Weekly Food Pantry/ Monthly Fresh Market

Every week, we participate in a community outreach program where we give both perishable and non-perishable food to anyone who might be in need.


It's a chance for our church to show the love of God in action. Mindfully, teams interact with individuals in line, loving on them, and sharing the Gospel while our neighbors wait for their time to be severed.


Get Involved


Anyone with the heart to assist is always welcome. The ministry is open to both church members and non-members.


Weekly Food Pantry

When:  Tuesday Mornings, setup starts around 10:30am

Where:  Our "The Pemart Ave Parking Lot"

Commitment:  1.5 ~ 2 hrs., we're flexible, stay only as long as you can.  

Monthly Fresh Market

When:  Saturday Mornings, setup starts around 8:30am

Frequency:  Once a Month, next Market Day is June 15th, 2024.

If God has blessed you, with the ability to speak Spanish.   Here's a ministry for you.   We need Spanish speakers to serve our neighbors more effectively.

We'll find a spot for you; we have folks ranging from their teens up into their 80's. We are mindfully of individual abilities and welcome everyone. 

For more information, please contact Debbie Starr or Pastor Paul Kastuk.

Good News Club

The Lord has blessed us with opportunity to share the Gospel within the walls of the Peekskill Public School system.  Join this incredible community outreach ministry.   

For more information, please contact Joe or Karen Urbanowicz.
Kids Playing

Children's Ministry

The safety of your children is paramount, to that end all those working with children have background checks done prior to serving.

The Children's Ministry provides children aged 3 - grade 5 with the opportunity to see the big picture of the Bible, discover how a Biblical worldview answers the big questions in life, and to develop the skills to defend the reliability of the Bible.  Includes Sunday School, Children's Church, and Wednesday evening Kids Club.​​

Sunday Morning Ministries

Nursery (age birth-2 years)

During the Sunday School Hour and Worship Service there is supervised play time for this age group.

Sunday School: 9:30am-10:30am

Age graded Sunday School classes for ages 3- grade 5 (Using Answers in Genesis materials)

Worship Service: 10:45am -12 noon

Kindergarten (age 3-grade K) are in a self-contained class for the entire time, where they read a Bible passage, work on a monthly memory verse, sing songs, have a snack, and some free play time.

Children's Church (Grades 1-6) Children in this age group attend the worship service until excused, and then meet together in the downstairs area for a time of Bible exploration and Bible memory. A variety of curriculums are used including: The Gospel Project; Answers for Kids: Foundation Worldview's Comparative Worldview; Cold-case Christianity for Kids.

Wednesday Evening Kids Club

6:45pm - 7:15pm (September - June)

Children grades 1-5 meet together to revisit the Bible passage that was presented on Sunday morning through further reading, role play, crafts, games, and memory work. 

Children's Choir 

(September - Mother's Day)

Sunday Evenings 6:00 - 7:15pm

Grades K - 6

The children in this age group get the opportunity to put their musical and acting talents to use while sharing the gospel as they work on presenting two musicals a year (December & Mother's Day).  Participation in this ministry requires a commitment to weekly attendance and memorization of songs and dialogue. In addition to working on the play itself, the children also have a devotional, and a snack and game time.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Karen Urbanowicz
Children at School

Junior High School Ministry Team

Placeholder:  Pending content from specific ministry team.
High School Friends

Senior High School Ministry Team

Placeholder:  Pending content from specific ministry team.

For more information, please contact Christopher Gross.
Image by Naassom Azevedo

Young Adult Ministry

Placeholder:  Pending content from specific ministry team.
Image by John Price

Worship Team

Placeholder:  Pending content from specific ministry team.

For more information, please contact Christopher Duncan

Adult Choir

“Filling hearts with the living spirit by way of music, transcending what words alone cannot express.”

For more information, please contact Sal Cuccia.

Special Music

Approved singers and instrumentalists are scheduled to perform during the offering on the first, third, and fifth Sunday of the month September—May and every Sunday during the summer. Special music also happens during The Lord’s Supper and for special services or needs. The schedule is a bit flexible in order to schedule choir cantatas, children’s programs, or other events. The music is meant to honor God and edify those who listen.

For more information, please contact Phyllis Hill.
Light and Shadow


Behind the scenes efforts to insure visually and audibly pleasing performances, that they may glorify God to the highest level.

For more information, please contact Sal Cuccia or Christopher Duncan.

Concrete Wall

Usher & Greeter Teams

The Ushers Ministry Team will care for the environment and pulpit before all services, welcome, and seat the congregation and visitors, take the offering, keep the peace and record the attendance and any additional duties the Pastor or Elders may suggest.

Although church membership is not required, they must give their testimony of
having been born again by the Holy Spirit through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

For more information, please contact Robert Sirico
Vacuuming the Hall


Placeholder:  Pending content from specific ministry team.

For more information, please contact TBD
Mexican Taco Dinner

Family Night Dinners

For more information, please contact Sal Cuccia

A time of fellowship to nourish both body and soul.

This ministry is active during the school year

Information Technology

Technology Team

In today's world of technology, our team manages our church's computer network, Wi-Fi, electronic security, phone network, the church's website and internet presence.  Lending support to all other ministries in these areas.   This is newly formed team, and is currently seeking to grow in number, thus if you have any interest and/or skills in this technical area, please seek more information about getting engaged.

For more information, please contact Roman Boychew
Team Building Session

Christian Education Ministry

The primary responsibility of the Christian Education Ministry Team is to care for the total educational programs of the church. These include maintaining the Sunday School through the Sunday School Superintendent; establishing curricula for all programs; discovering and training teachers and leaders; supervising, coordinating and evaluating all levels of Christian education (children, youth and adults).

For information please, contact Bonnie Seligson
Glass Ceiling

Finance Ministry

This team is available to assist you with your questions about the church’s finances.  We can help you understand how to spend money on behalf of a church ministry in which you participate or guide you in giving to the church or any special projects which the church sponsors.  

From more information, please call or text message April at (914) 382-4170.
Women Holding Hands

Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess Ministry Team seek to tend to the well-being of the church in the following ways: the preparation of the Lord's Supper elements and funeral hospitality. They are to prepare female candidates on day of baptism. The management of the kitchen and nursery is their responsibility.  A social ministry team reports to Deaconess Ministry Team.

For more information, please contact Lani Leuthner
Construction site

Deacon Ministry

Members of the Deacons Ministry Team are elected by the Voting Members of the church. Deacons are responsible to administer the ordinary business and secular affairs of the church.  They are called to maintain a consistent radiant Christian testimony is concurrence with I Timothy 3:8-10, 12-13.   

Our Deacons are responsible for the care and security of the real and personal properties of the church. Whenever possible, and without taking advantage, the Deacons Ministry Team encourages the people of the church to use their skills in maintaining the building, grounds and equipment of the church.

Our Deacons invest in the spiritual growth of men that form the team, in some respects a model small group.  They invest in the lives of all they contact both in and out of the church body.  As needs arise, our Deacons are there, we are truly blessed by them.
"They Lead by Serving" and model a servant's heart to the entire church family.

For more information, please contact Pat Zanfardino
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